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Outreach Health Services, Inc. has excellent technology and screenings, making us the most advanced health
center you will find in the area. We certainly believe that our level of care and skill is unmatched in our immediate
area, thus we are the ultimate fixers to any health-related problem that you may have. So, if you have any
health-related issues that you would like to check up on, then visit one of our clinics.
Appointments can be made for the Shubuta location via 601-687-1391 and
Appointments can be made at the Heidelberg location via 601-787-3464.



  • Outreach Health Services, is excited to announce that our outpatient Shubuta, and Jasperlocations recently achieved Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition from the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
    The PCMH is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront, by building better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams. Research conducted by NCQA shows that PCMHs improve quality, patient experience and staff satisfaction, all while reducing healthcare costs. Practices earning this recognition have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a patient-centered approach to care.
  • OHS has accomplished so much this year and our efforts have been recognized with two awards we received from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Outreach Health Services, Inc. rightfully won the COVID-19 Public Health Champion award and Advancing Hit for Quality 2022 award, evidence that indeed we put in our best to offer excellent and professional services to patients in Clarke, Jasper, Wayne, and surrounding counties.
  • This shows that we are particular about making sure COVID-19 is no longer a threat to citizens through continuous COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. However, our health services are not complete without a quality-based approach to it. Here at OHS, quality is our watchword. We embody perfection, excellence, and professionalism. You can rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Outreach Health Services, Inc. is always one-step ahead in rendering health care services to citizens. As an excellence-focused organization, we ensure that all avenues to taking care of your health are exhausted, and this includes mobile avenues. We continue to utilize our mobile unit for medical and dental services. OHS mobile have been in service for Our mobile clinic is a unique moving bus of luxury which has been customized to suit your medical needs perfectly.

We are particular about the safety of every medication that goes into your body. Our OHS mobile medical clinic comes with refrigerators to store vaccines and other sensitive medicines safely. We have also made this mobile clinic accommodating to everyone including those with mobility challenges. The bus comes with a hydraulic lift that will be used to lift wheelchair users and other patients directly into the rear examination room.

Outreach Health Services, Inc. wants to make sure that no emergency cases slip through our fingers, hence we are doing our best to protect the lives of all citizens by thinking of ways we can effectively serve you. We are committed to meeting all of your medical concerns while ensuring you have maximum comfort.

  • MissionTo provide quality, comprehensive, affordable health care through a community based organization to all citizen of clarke, Jasper and Wayne countries.
  • visionby providing quality, comprehensive health care services through a community-based health center, Outreach Health Services, Inc. will ensure that all individuals in the service are have access to health care regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Corporate Value the corporate values governing Outreach Health Services, Inc's development include the following. >> Equal Treatment >> Hard Work >> Accountability >> Quality >> Dependability >> Respectability >> Privacy >> Positive Atmosphere >> professionalism