Outreach Health Services, Inc.

Quality Health Care Without the Financial Burdens


A long and healthy life is something that every human being is entitled to, however, nowadays proper health and treatment feels like it's becoming a luxury than a service. We, here at Outreach Health Services, Inc. provide the best health care services that are both affordable, and high in quality.

Truly, health is something that should be widespread. It shouldn't be something that the rich can attain easily, while the poor can only hope for. Proper health is something that everyone deserves to have and this is why, it is our dream and goal to make sure that any human being that is in need of proper health care and treatment, gets it and can do so without the fear or stress of how much financial debt they've sunk in.

An individual's health is undoubtedly their most prized possession, thus we offer only the best services in health care, to ensure that your health remains at its peak and that you are never unsatisfied with us. Through a wide selection of services, we can assure you that our clinic is not only advanced, but quite certainly one of the best in our entire area. Great health is just a step away!

We believe in providing our patients with the respectful care that they deserve, and pledge to provide to them the best services that we possibly can; and it is for this reason that the entire area of Clarke, OHS, and Wayne counties are proud of us and our service and selects us as their primary health care provider. Through dedicated and concentrated services, we've risen our name in this area and have become known to all its residents as the best health care provider and clinic.

That being said, Outreach Health Services, Inc. has been known widely for over 30 years for providing the best clinical and pharmaceutical services that anyone can dream off, at the most affordable prices, so that anyone that is need of proper treatment gets exactly that! Treating patients with respect and care is not something we have to do, but something we love to do! Anyone that steps within our clinic is a valued patient that will quite certainly be pleased with us! So, if you wish to attain proper health care without all the financial stress and burdens, then the doors of our clinics are always open!