• Clinic Hours:

  • Shubuta Medical and Dental Hours:

    Monday- Friday 8:00-6:30 p.m.

    Saturday 8:00-2:00 p.m. (Medical and Dental Services)

    After Hours, Call: (601) 687-1391

  • Heidelberg Medical and Dental Hours:

    Monday-Friday 8:00-6:30 p.m.

    Saturday 8:00-2:00 p.m. (Dental Services Only)

    After Hours, Call: 601-787-3464



Outreach Health Services, Inc. has offered high quality health services to the people of Clarke, OHS, and Wayne counties for over 30 years. Due to our exceptional work in our branch, we've made our name in this area and have become the primary health provider for the people.

We believe in providing our patients with not only good health and services, but also affordable and reasonable prices, because we believe that health is a service that all human beings are deserving of, instead of a luxury provided only to a few.

We have two clinics, OHS Clinic, which excels in medical services and Shubuta Clinic, which excels in both medical and dental services.

Through, patient-doctor satisfaction, delicacy and care for our patient's health and safety, and abundance of quality and prestige, we've shaped the past 30 years of our medical career and have now forged a worthwhile future for tons of people in the OHS, and Wayne counties. Our aim and goal regarding health is to provide it to one and all, without limitations or financial burdens, thus anyone that wishes to get treated and receive proper health care, can visit our clinics and receive the best of services!

Our services range from Medical to Dental, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Screenings, Health Education, Preventive Health Care, Screenings, X-ray Services and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

We strongly believe that the only way to create a good bond between a doctor and his patient is to be committed and provide excellent service. It is this bond that we treasure and have created with tons of our patients over the years. In spite of many hurdles in our journey, we have overcome them all, and finally stand in our area as the best health care provider that one could wish for!

Our technology and screenings are the most advanced you'll find in the area. Through intelligent tests and services, we aim to prevent a problem before it rises and spreads! We certainly believe that our level of care and skill is unmatched in our immediate area, thus we are the ultimate fixers to any health related problem that you may have. So, if you have any health related issue that you would like to check up, then visit one of our clinics and be amazed at the exceptional work, skill and affordable price that is given to each of our patients!

Appointments can be made for the Shubuta location @ 601-687-1391 and appointments can be made at the OHS location @ 601-787-3464. Walk-ins are always welcome.